The JM Wood Advantage

Aside from the people who have been with J.M. Wood Auction Co. Inc. since our beginning over 35 years ago, the company's strongest advantage is its excellent use of advertising. Our mailing list consists of over 75,000 buyers all over the world. When you sell your assets in a J.M. Wood auction, that sale is promoted to those buyers alongside all our other upcoming auctions.

In addition to this promotion, we use a combination of national and international trade magazines, television and radio spots, Internet promos and more than 300 regional newspapers to advertise all of our auctions. By the time we're through, our construction auctions, government auctions, machinery auctions, bank auctions, forestry auctions and other auctions will be seen by more than three million potential buyers.

The JM Wood AdvantageThe JM Wood Advantage

That's the J.M. Wood Advantage.