How to Sell

Selling is easy at a J.M. Wood Auction. From the moment you contact your J.M. Wood representative until your machine rolls across the ramp of a world class J.M. Wood Auction, we are working for you. We will go to your job site or office to do inspections of your equipment, meet with you, and prepare an auction proposal that meets your needs.

There is typically a J.M. Wood Auction scheduled about every 5-6 weeks, meaning that from the time we reach an agreement you are just a few weeks away from turning your assets into cash. If you are interested in selling trucks, construction equipment, forestry or farm - whether it's one piece or an entire fleet - J.M. Wood is your answer. Thousands of bidders travel to our auctions every year because J.M. Wood has a history of providing an excellent selection of equipment and a very knowledgeable staff. We work hard to shoulder the burden of selling your equipment, and let you continue doing what you do best. Click here to contact a J.M. Wood Representative.