Asset Management

J.M. Wood understands that every individual asset is unique, and should be marketed accordingly. With that in mind, we can help you obtain the best possible value from the machinery, heavy equipment and other assets, from repossessions to end-of-lease returns, you may have to sell. We will do a thorough inspection of the items once they are delivered to one of our locations, and will provide you with a detailed condition report accompanied by photos. This report will outline any mechanical or cosmetic damages that are present, and will include a written estimate for the cost of repairs.



  • - Pre or Post Return Condition Reports complete with retail and wholesale values. These reports are used in deciding what avenue to use in selling the asset.
  • - Dismantling, Transportation, and Secure Storage of your asset during the re-marketing process.
  • - Retail efforts directed towards the end user through the internet and direct marketing.
  • - Retailing through our extensive network of dealers and wholesalers.
  • - Exporting to growing overseas markets.
  • - Dispersal by auction.